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On each section the Band is listed first then the song titles and the * are my favorites hope yall listen and enjoy and most of theses bands i do enjoy their other songs theses are just the ones i really feel are speaking for my soul right now and that may sound stupid to you but these songs found the words i was trying to say and made me realize that someone else gets it out there and knows what i am feeling

Art Of Dying
Breathe again
Best I can
Die trying

My Darkest Days
Save yourself
Like nobody else
The world belongs to me
Still Worth fighting for
Save me
*Without you

Saving Abel

Breaking inside
Call me
My name (wearing me out)
Save me
Her name is Alice
For my sake
I am not alright
Through the ghost

Sick Puppies
What are you looking for
Odd One
So what I lied
Should’ve know better
In it for life
Don’t walk away

The Pretty Wreckless
Make me wanna die
Just tonight
Far from never
Hit me like a man
Nothing left to lose
Everybody wants something from me
*Where did Jesus go?

Three Days Grace
Chalk outline
Misery loves my company
*The high road
Time of dying
Time that remains
Unbreakable heart
Last to know
Without you

Theory of a DeadMan
Great pretender
Hate my life
Not meant to be
Out of my head

The Wreckers
Stand still look pretty
Leave the pieces


my family get together today has me completely drained its hard to be fake when your not use to it. i dont understand why people feel the need to be fake!?! i only fake when i am around my family they act like nothing is wrong and so happy all the time but i bet behind close doors we all the same. my uncle i feel is still upset about not coming to thanksgiving but he doesnt understand why i feel the need to get to know my dad. i wish for once someone would walk a mile in my shoes and then tell me everything is ok! so sick of people telling me how i should feel or how i should live my life. all i have to say is yeah in one ear and out the other. you can tell me all you want but i am not listening. what i deciede to with my life is my own and i refuse to be fake all the time. being fake to them is like playing a game to me i tell them what they want to hear and i pretend to listen and care. i only do this so i dont cause family fights or distance myself to much from them because when it comes down to it really all you have sometimes is family. my friends on the other hand know me for the most part i am not always nice and pretty and sometimes i am down right mean. this is me i say whats on my mine and if you ask my opinion dont expect me to sugar coat it. so furstrated with fake people wish one of them would crack under the pressure just so i know they are human. this reminds me of a song one of the lines is “I did my best to try and be A mirror of society But we both know the mirror’s cracked And everybody’s in the act Faking what they cannot feel Hoping they can make it real Reality is killing me ” (so what i lied by sick puppies). i feel like no matter how hard i try i to fit in so to speak i just hate acting and pretending. its completely stupid and pointless cause eventually it will all come out.